Operating Areas

The many years of experience in the packaging industry , allows us to provide you high quality services and reliable .


Trade used
The sale of used is the primary activity of our company . We can offer a wide range of machinery reconditioned and sold with warranty. Our strong point is to treat directly the installation and testing at your company and provide a service of education staff ( included in the sale ) , besides being able to offer a service to 360 ° on the after-sales , from spare parts to the assistance . Our company also offers an evaluation service and Exchange for any machinery of second hand. Contact us without obligation in the “Contacts” section of our website for more information .

Regeneration machinery
We carry complete regeneration of machinery of any brand and model at your location at competitive prices to get better productivity and quality of the finished product.

Technical assistance
We are able to intervene rapidly to any type of failure , downtimes machine and / or any other emergencies at your production sites for the correct remittance into operation.

Spare Parts
We can provide any kind of spare parts , commercial and / or construction , with rapid delivery times and Competitive Price for any make and model of machinery

Programmed maintenance
We provide , by agreement, a programmed maintenance at your company for a successful recovery of the job settings and to ensure better reliability of the system , especially in periods of increased productivity , thus avoiding any downtimes machine.

Repositioning lines
We can carry out disassembly and repositioning of your production lines.

Telephone assistance
We provide a free telephone assistance ( also in English , French and Spanish languages ) for your possible needs and to guide you and help you to identify the cause of the problem and then the possible solution .

Personalized consulatation
Our staff is available to advise you and show you the best solutions for each application and required information.For example better production efficiency , organization of work spaces , consulting on the raw material and packaging material, changes of lines etc … etc …