Thermosealing machine model “TERMOSAT”

Automatic heat sealer suitable for closing bags and/or preformed bags of various sizes. The work cycle takes place automatically once the bag/envelope is placed on the conveyor belt, guaranteeing a perfect welding with hot marking and pressing the expiration date.

Technical features

• Current: 380 V 50 Hz;
• Power: 1.5 Kw;
• Pneumatic supply: 6 Bar;
• Air consumption: 50 L / min;
• Maximum envelope width: 280mmm;
• Maximum envelope height: 500mm;
• Motorized transport belt;
• Motorized belt up / down;
• Panel welding value and time adjustment;
• Group of welding pliers with easy opening for maintenance, cleaning and punching replacement;
• Hot marking expiry date with punches (up to 16 characters);
• Machine equipped with self-locking wheels, for easy movement;


termosattermosat 1termosat 2termosat 3

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